Why is Lantrovision consolidating its share 5 to 1 when it is not required under SGX rule?

Disclaimer: I am vested in Lantrovision so opinion will be biased.

Lantrovision just announced that it is consolidating its shares 5 to 1 and cited the reason is to attract more interest in its share, presumably that a higher price will attract fund managers. SGX rule states that only shares under 20 cents on mainboard need to consolidate shares, but Lantrovision share is presently trading way above it around 40 cents and its cash- total liabilities value is about 20 cents, thus it is highly improbable that shares will drop below 20 cents unless it fritters away the cash.

If Lantrovision seriously want to attract fund manager interest, a better way is to deliver consistent, predictable dividend, preferably growing. It has just cut its dividend from 3 cents to 1.3 cents probably due to the worsening outlook ahead, that’s not the way to attract interest.

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Why is NSP going downhill?

Latest announcement of NSP entering into a three cornered contest in Macpherson SMC and with no chance of winning and possibly losing their election deposit (recall that WP did offer Macpherson SMC to NSP as exchange for Marine Parade GRC but NSP turned them down, they should have accepted the exchange then) and another resignation of their secretary general so near the election shows that NSP credentials as a party is being hit.

NSP is founded on 6th March 1987. Its incomplete bazi is
丁卯    癸卯    甲寅
strong wood daymaster, thus its unfavourable elements are wood and water. unfortunately, it is in water luck period 庚子运。Even worse, this year is 乙未年, more wood. Thus, their party luck has been poor and a series of unfortunate events has hit them.

Disclaimer: just a politics observer taking a neutral stance.

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Will Lawrence Wong be under pressure in 2016?

Lawrence Wong first three pillars of his bazi is 壬子    壬子    癸未, 行丙辰运, 明年丙申,形成申子辰三合水局。他八字忌水,人民协会财务管理问题正在发酵,人民协会归他的部门管理,theonlinecitizen点名他需为此问题负责。再加上他频频质疑阿裕尼市镇理事会财务管理,这回轮到他的部门“沦陷”,压力肯定不小。 2016 年选举年,朝野两党将围绕这问题展开攻防战。


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AP Oil CEO is right man for the job

From KGI analyst report on AP Oil,

“Mr. Ho’s first mission when he joined AP Oil was to oversee the unwinding of
the unfavorable iron ore contracts that the company had got into during the
prior year. In the ensuing years, he put an end to the practice of making
opportunistic trades like the ones seen in 2004, and steered the focus of the
company towards soliciting more sustainable recurring businesses. One
example would be the signing of a long‐term partnership with Aegean Oil’s
subsidiary, Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc. (listed on the New York
Stock Exchange) for the OEM production of marine lubricants.
In addition to the focus on building a sustainable recurring business model, Mr.
Ho also spent the last few years focusing on building human capital and
corporate culture to instill a sense of belonging and loyalty among staff
On the human capital front, the standard of second‐tier management was
raised through external courses and internal grooming by senior management.

New talents were also acquired to beef up areas that were lacking. Second‐tier
management staff are now better equipped to make decisions on day‐to‐day
issues, rather than leave the problem solving to the “big boss”.
The net effect of these “internal reforms”, while unobservable by an outsider,
transformed AP Oil. The new CEO believes that the company has now
progressed to the point where it is close to being able to run on its own. This,
in turn, frees up more time for him to focus on bringing new growth to the
group. The recent acquisition of Heptalink Chemicals and venturing into China
are signs of the man attempting to grow AP Oil. We also understand that AP Oil
is actively seeking out and assessing potential acquisitions that could add
inorganic growth to the group.
Our impression
During our meetings with Mr. Ho, we formed the impression that he was a
caring employer (even showing concern for the well‐being of the grounds
keeper) that sees value in loyalty. He displayed deep knowledge in the business
but had a hiring philosophy that makes sure that his employees are even better
in their specific area of work than he is. He also came across as an honest
person that is very detail‐oriented but at the same time, does not seem to
micro‐manage. Most importantly, we observed that he adopts a long‐term
approach to running the business.
In addition, we also note that Mr. Ho’s stake in AP Oil were neither given to
him by his parents nor issued by the company.”

P.S. I am vested in AP oil,thus views may be biased.

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Ips securex next to fall?

IPS securex substantial shareholder recently sold a small portion of its share. This share has skyrocket after announcing several contract orders. However, its profit growth may not keep up with its stellar share performance.

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Oxley holdings Arcsphere Industrial Building

Pass by Arcsphere@aljunied, completed in early 2015. Still empty, signboard have changed from for sale to for rent.Looks like Industrial property market is weak.

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Is Manufacturing Integration Technology recent solar equipment order cancelled?

According to PV magazine, “Hanergy Holdings has announced the termination of a US$175 million order, announced at the start of May, for wholly-owned subsidiary, Fujan Apollo’s silicon-based BIPV production equipment and technical services.

The original deal had envisioned six BIPV module assembly lines, although details on when or where the delivery and manufacturing would take place were absent.

“After arm’s length negotiations, the parties to the Equipment Sales and the Technical Services Agreements agreed to terminate the Equipment Sales and the Technical Services Agreements and had on 14 June 2015 entered into a termination agreement,” wrote Hanergy in a statement released today.”

Read more: http://www.pv-magazine.com/news/details/beitrag/hanergy-cancels-own-900-mw-equipment-order_100019819/#ixzz3d8819FBF

Manufacturing Integration Technology clinched orders for solar equipment for BIPV assembly lines in May 2015 too. Is this order same as the order won by Hanergy Thin film which has now been cancelled?

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