Kong Hee’s incomplete bazi

Kong Hee’s incomplete bazi is 甲辰    壬申    甲辰(日主), 大运丁丑(2009年开始)

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Vote against delisting offer of 30 cents by Zagro Asia

Zagro Asia just announced a delisting offer by the main shareholder. However, the offer is less than the book value of Zagro Asia at only 30 cents. I intend to vote against the delisting offer as it undervalues the company. I urge fellow shareholders to also vote against the offer. 10 % of total shares is required to vote against the offer. Thank you.

November 3, 2015 at 8:10 pm 1 comment

Qian hu- a Graham net-net stock

Qian Hu share price has fallen to all-time low since its ipo. It is now approximately 2/3 of Net Current asset value. Although its results have been dismal, but Kenny Yap is a good CEO who will work hard and smart to boost profits as its makeover develops over time.

Disclaimer:I am vested in Qianhu, so opinion will be biased.

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Singapore needs Disneyland

The old idea of attracting Disneyland to Singapore needs to be revisited for the “Future Economy” committee considering the growth of the middle class in Southeast Asia and that Disneyland will surely look for a foothold in the region as the purchasing power of this group grows. Singapore should position itself to grab this opportunity before other Asean country does so.

A “green”and high-technology based Disneyland will enhance Singapore’s tourism attraction and provide spillovers for construction industry and other services sectors

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Nobel Design Red Flag?

Nobel Design new chairman of audit committee, Wong Soon Chiu has just sold some shares, not long after he was appointed. Nobel Design former chairman is having a dispute with the current executive board. If these red flags don’t portend to a sell on stock, i will be surprised. Anyway, property market is cooling down so Nobel Design revenue will be lowered.

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Has LTA summoned Volkswagen over emission test?

Volkswagen is in the limelight for cheating on emissions testing with diesel cars. Since some of its diesel models are also sold in Singapore, one wonders whether LTA has called up Volkswagen to deal with the issue. South Korea has done just that moments ago. Vicom and STA must be alert to any attempt by car manufacturers to bluff their way through, else Singapore’s air quality will be at stake.

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A value investor fund start selling Spindex

Spindex industries, the darling of value investor reported good results recently and raised its dividend. Yet, a value investor fund SC fundamental run by Peter Collery just sold some of its holdings in Spindex. Is this a sign that it expects poorer results from Spindex in next fiscal year, especially when automobile downcycle has started in China and will soon start in US once FED raises rates.

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