Winter coming, put on your coat!

Bear market in property and stocks is coming soon next year, start to hibernate and wake up when all is woe and fear.


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Will Parliament session bring closure to PM Lee’s troubles?

The answer is unfortunately no according to PM Lee’s incomplete bazi.

Here’s what a bazi teacher,杨森 has to say about his bazi in 2016

壬 辰
壬 寅 8癸卯18甲辰28乙巳38丙午48丁未58戊申68已酉
丙 戍
庚 寅




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丁丑    戊申    戊申(日主)
大运:丁未  丙午  乙巳  甲辰  癸卯  壬寅  辛丑  庚子
始于:2006  2016  2026  2036  2046  2056  2066  2076


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Yuuzoo’s red flag

Yuuzoo ex financial controller and CFO are disputing Yuuzoo announcements that they had left because of “breach of employment contract”. It is too much of a coincidence that both left because of the same reason put out by the company. Yuuzoo’s self promotion antics and its accounting peculiarities add to the red flags flying all over this company.

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Li Ka Shing is wrong

Here’s what Li Ka Shing said in his press conference yesterday.

“Hong Kong’s richest man signaled that the property rebound that’s been pushing up prices in the world’s most expensive housing market could persist for as long as two years as growing demand outweighs government curbs.

“I cannot see how property prices would fall in the coming one to two years,” Li Ka-shing, the 88-year-old head of Cheung Kong Property Holdings Ltd. and CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd., said during his annual earnings press conference on Wednesday. “The force from buyers is very strong.””

However, interest rate rise will dampen demand and throw a spanner in his prediction.

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Justin Trudeau bazi analysis

I used Justin Trudeau birthtime from astrochart(provided that it is accurate). Here is his bazi

辛亥    庚子    甲申(日主)    乙亥

大运 己亥  戊戌  丁酉  丙申  乙未  甲午  癸巳  壬辰   
1977 1987 1997 2007 2017 2027 2037 2047


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Some informal indicators of an impending bear market

1. When the edge magazine and share investor singapore gets snapped up fast in the libraries.

2. When newbies forummers appear on valuebuddies asking noob questions.

3. When relatives begin to ask you for stock tips

4. When analysts say buy even when they state that valuations are high.

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