Run for your life

The bull market, especially in USA is ending soon, starting this month. Fed is tightening the money supply, unemployment is at its lowest meaning the economy is at its peak and the only way to go is downhill. The trigger will be the impending trade war between china and usa, but in fact the economy is already stretched. The show can’t last forever, Trump will face a economy cataclysm of his own making.


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CIC stake in noble proves that having china cornerstone investor is not safe either

Business times headline”SGX RegCo will require the participation of Chinese cornerstone investors or state-owned enterprises in future listings of China firms”

Well, i guess they never take into account of Noble group which is no S-chip, has a china cornerstone investor yet still is in tatters.

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Mario Draghi bazi

Mario Draghi bazi is

丁亥    戊申    乙酉(日主)
大运:丁未  丙午  乙巳  甲辰  癸卯  壬寅  辛丑  庚子   
    10岁  20岁  30岁  40岁  50岁  60岁  70岁  80岁  
始于:1956  1966  1976  1986  1996  2006  2016  2026

杀旺。早年食伤制杀,中运身强敌杀。2016年进入辛丑坏运,2016,2017年火盖天干,无事。2018年,三会金局。今年秋季,Draghi will face his greatest challenge as ECB president.

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Lion City bazi

The proclamation of Singapore was announced 10am. As time was quicker by 35 mins in 1965. The actual time is 9.25am, still 巳时。

Therefore, the bazi for Singapore is

乙巳    甲申    乙未    辛巳

大运:癸未  壬午  辛巳  庚辰  己卯  戊寅  丁丑  丙子   
始于:1966  1976  1986  1996  2006  2016  2026  2036 


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Straco beware,you got competition in Shanghai

From Medium:

“Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, which is slated to open in Pudong of August 2018 with exhibits spanning deep sea creatures, the polar region, a volcano, and yes, a mermaid bay, according to Shanghai Daily.

Located near Dishui Lake in Lingang New City, the park will have six pavilions, three performance venues, two cinemas, and 10 amusement facilities covering the arctic landscape, the high seas, and volcanic activity. It’s billed as the world’s most advanced fifth-generation large-scale marine park.”

Unless Straco cough up money to revamp its aquarium in shanghai, it will be no match for this new ocean park.

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2018 soothsaying

Happy New Year. 2017 has been a good year for most investors, speculators. Will 2018 turn out to be the same?

Here are my predictions (take it with a pinch of salt)

1. The hibernating bear will wake up in 2018, whether in equities or property market.

2. Bitcoin will crash, maybe to $1000, thus ending the semiconductor supercycle.

3. US and North korea is heading for a showdown in 2018, two reckless heads of governments,what else to expect.

4. Khaw Boon Wan will have a good year, less rail incidents. But i must remind him not to sing his own praise too soon.

5. China property market will go into downturn as property tax is implemented.

6. Najib Razak will step down as PM in 2018.

7. Donald Trump will have a bad year.

8. There will be a lot of scandals.

9. Heng Swee Keat will become DPM in 2018, front-runner for PM position.

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John Taylor -the next Fed chairman predicted by 杨森老师


丙 戍
庚 子 10辛丑20壬寅30癸卯40甲辰50乙巳60丙午70丁未
丙 辰
甲 午




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