Ips securex next to fall?

IPS securex substantial shareholder recently sold a small portion of its share. This share has skyrocket after announcing several contract orders. However, its profit growth may not keep up with its stellar share performance.

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Oxley holdings Arcsphere Industrial Building

Pass by Arcsphere@aljunied, completed in early 2015. Still empty, signboard have changed from for sale to for rent.Looks like Industrial property market is weak.

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Is Manufacturing Integration Technology recent solar equipment order cancelled?

According to PV magazine, “Hanergy Holdings has announced the termination of a US$175 million order, announced at the start of May, for wholly-owned subsidiary, Fujan Apollo’s silicon-based BIPV production equipment and technical services.

The original deal had envisioned six BIPV module assembly lines, although details on when or where the delivery and manufacturing would take place were absent.

“After arm’s length negotiations, the parties to the Equipment Sales and the Technical Services Agreements agreed to terminate the Equipment Sales and the Technical Services Agreements and had on 14 June 2015 entered into a termination agreement,” wrote Hanergy in a statement released today.”

Read more: http://www.pv-magazine.com/news/details/beitrag/hanergy-cancels-own-900-mw-equipment-order_100019819/#ixzz3d8819FBF

Manufacturing Integration Technology clinched orders for solar equipment for BIPV assembly lines in May 2015 too. Is this order same as the order won by Hanergy Thin film which has now been cancelled?

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Dr Lam Pin Min’s political swansong?

Dr Lam Pin Min is under a lot of fire this year whether it is Fernvale point or Sengkang Colombarium. Curious, i took a look at his incomplete bazi.
己    壬    己
卯    申    酉

大运:戊辰 下个大运:丁卯(starting in 2017)

He seems to be a weak earth daymaster requiring fire and earth. 2 of the best luck periods is the last luck period 己巳 and the present luck period. If this analysis is correct and he still stands in a SMC for next election most probably in 2016, his political career could end abruptly. Looks like Worker’s party will pick up the seat comfortably.

Disclaimer: Neutral towards both political parties,就事论事。

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Is Manufacturing Integration Technology solar customer Hanergy having cashflow problem?

According to Barrons “First Financial Daily, a well-respected financial newspaper in China, had a damning investigative report on Hanergy Solar‘s parent Hanergy Group today.

According to First Financial,since 2009, Hanergy Group has raised billions from bank loans, trusts and peer-to-peer lending in the name of funding solar projects. But many projects are stalled.

Hanergy Group sounds like it was hanging with the right crowd. Last January, it said that it has raised at least 20 billion yuan from reputable financiers such as the Minsheng Bank and Minsheng-affiliated Asia Financial Cooperation Association, and back in 2011, it raised 30 billion yuan from China Development Bank.

But First Financial was unable to obtain details on these mega financing deals.

Rather, Hanergy Group has been funding from small, regional banks, as well as trusts.

Last October, Hanergy borrowed 200 million yuan from Minsheng in the form of a trust product. That trust had 4 tranches; the shortest tranche was only 3 months and charged an annualized 7% interest rate.

Why did Hanergy take out these expensive loans if it could have access to China Development Bank? And where did all of its money go? Is it cash squeezed? The newspaper asked.

First Financial’s reporters also went to the 9 solar project construction sites Hanergy operates and found that many sites were falling way behind the company’s own targets.”

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Prediction: Shaun Chen will win 2015 Star Award for Best Actor

陈泓宇八字的前六字是 戊午    壬戌    己巳(日柱) 正走丙寅大运,形成三合火局。估计他是从旺格,喜火土。
2015年 乙未年, 形成三会火局,锦上添花,所以上个礼拜日得了飞跃奖(庚辰月,戊午日).明天是壬申日,如无意外,应能一举夺下最佳男演员奖。预测是否正确,拭目以待。

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Pot calling the kettle black

From Wall street Journal,
“The Obama administration on Thursday chastised Europe and Japan for excessive reliance on monetary policy to revive stagnant growth, worried that a failure to use other policy tools could further undermine an already gloomy global economic outlook.

In its semiannual currency report, the U.S. Treasury Department also took China and South Korea to task over currency policies that it says hurt other trading partners including the U.S. ”

Isn’t US the first to start Quantitative easing? When others copy it or adopt defensive measures to avoid being hurt by currency volatility, they are blamed for it.

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