Tan Cheng Bock bazi-his chances in 2020 election

Tan Cheng Bock’s incomplete bazi

庚辰    庚辰    己亥

大运:辛巳  壬午  癸未  甲申  乙酉  丙戌  丁亥  戊子   
    4岁  14岁  24岁  34岁  44岁  54岁  64岁  74岁  
始于:1943  1953  1963  1973  1983  1993  2003  2013  

Based on his incomplete bazi, one can deduce that 金水 is good for him.next year 庚子, if he gets an important team member in the likes of Lee Hsien Yang, his chances will be quite high in 2020 election in an GRC. if not, he is better off competing in a SMC.


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Threatening shareholders with legal action not the best tactic

A reprint from a well written forum letter in Straits times by Vincent Khoo

“Threatening shareholders with legal action not the best tactic

I am a shareholder in many companies that are listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX), but I do not normally attend their annual general meetings (AGMs) or extraordinary general meetings (EGMs) due to lack of time.
However, I applaud those who make it a point to attend. Even the Securities Investors Association (Singapore) encourages its members and all shareholders to attend such meetings so as to know the companies better and ask pertinent questions to the management and directors.
I do not think that their primary goal of attending these meetings is to get free food and drinks or free shopping vouchers. The cost of travelling to these meeting venues and time spent there may not be worth all that.

Neither do I think that they go there to make life difficult for the management and directors by asking tough and difficult questions. They are mostly laymen, not lawyers, and they do not intentionally go out of the way to make defamatory statements or insinuations. They may not even know what is defamatory.
It should be the duty of the company to answer all these pertinent questions. It can choose to decline answering them if sensitive information is involved.
Shareholders should not be threatened with defamation suits or other legal actions if they ask tough or insensitive questions.

Threatening them or indeed following up with legal actions against them will hinder the march of investor activism and lessen public interest in investing in listed companies.
As it is, our SGX market is now in a moribund state, and many retail investors have lost interest.
Surely, there are better ways to engage with concerned investors at AGMs and EGMs than threatening them with legal action.”
Vincent Khoo

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Gan Kim Yong bazi

A cyberattack on singhealth alert me to look at Gan Kim Yong’s bazi. Looks like earth element is 忌神。

his incomplete bazi is

己亥    丙寅    壬戌(日主)

大运:乙丑  甲子  癸亥  壬戌  辛酉  庚申  己未  戊午   
    2岁  12岁  22岁  32岁  42岁  52岁  62岁  72岁  
始于:1960  1970  1980  1990  2000  2010  2020  2030  

Based on his life events so far, 此乾造杀旺用印化,早年身强敌杀。join Natsteel (属金)中年,用神金运,从政当部长。晚运,己未运,恐不利仕途。庚子年虽好,但选战将面对强敌。谁敢说Choa chu kang GRC is safe?

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Run for your life

The bull market, especially in USA is ending soon, starting this month. Fed is tightening the money supply, unemployment is at its lowest meaning the economy is at its peak and the only way to go is downhill. The trigger will be the impending trade war between china and usa, but in fact the economy is already stretched. The show can’t last forever, Trump will face a economy cataclysm of his own making.

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CIC stake in noble proves that having china cornerstone investor is not safe either

Business times headline”SGX RegCo will require the participation of Chinese cornerstone investors or state-owned enterprises in future listings of China firms”

Well, i guess they never take into account of Noble group which is no S-chip, has a china cornerstone investor yet still is in tatters.

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Mario Draghi bazi

Mario Draghi bazi is

丁亥    戊申    乙酉(日主)
大运:丁未  丙午  乙巳  甲辰  癸卯  壬寅  辛丑  庚子   
    10岁  20岁  30岁  40岁  50岁  60岁  70岁  80岁  
始于:1956  1966  1976  1986  1996  2006  2016  2026

杀旺。早年食伤制杀,中运身强敌杀。2016年进入辛丑坏运,2016,2017年火盖天干,无事。2018年,三会金局。今年秋季,Draghi will face his greatest challenge as ECB president.

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Lion City bazi

The proclamation of Singapore was announced 10am. As time was quicker by 35 mins in 1965. The actual time is 9.25am, still 巳时。

Therefore, the bazi for Singapore is

乙巳    甲申    乙未    辛巳

大运:癸未  壬午  辛巳  庚辰  己卯  戊寅  丁丑  丙子   
始于:1966  1976  1986  1996  2006  2016  2026  2036 


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