Nobel Design Red Flag?

Nobel Design new chairman of audit committee, Wong Soon Chiu has just sold some shares, not long after he was appointed. Nobel Design former chairman is having a dispute with the current executive board. If these red flags don’t portend to a sell on stock, i will be surprised. Anyway, property market is cooling down so Nobel Design revenue will be lowered.

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Has LTA summoned Volkswagen over emission test?

Volkswagen is in the limelight for cheating on emissions testing with diesel cars. Since some of its diesel models are also sold in Singapore, one wonders whether LTA has called up Volkswagen to deal with the issue. South Korea has done just that moments ago. Vicom and STA must be alert to any attempt by car manufacturers to bluff their way through, else Singapore’s air quality will be at stake.

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A value investor fund start selling Spindex

Spindex industries, the darling of value investor reported good results recently and raised its dividend. Yet, a value investor fund SC fundamental run by Peter Collery just sold some of its holdings in Spindex. Is this a sign that it expects poorer results from Spindex in next fiscal year, especially when automobile downcycle has started in China and will soon start in US once FED raises rates.

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马后炮:Here’s why PAP did well in GE2015

Almost everyone was caught by surprise by PAP good showing in GE2015 (including me),but if you look at its bazi using party founded date, then it becomes clear why PAP perform well.

甲午    乙亥    辛巳    壬辰 Nov 21,1954 9.30am

大运:丙子  丁丑  戊寅  己卯  庚辰  辛巳  壬午  癸未   
始于:1960  1970  1980  1990  2000  2010  2020  2030 

in 2015 乙未年, 三会火局 is formed. this bazi likes fire, thus no surprise why its performance is so good when fire is very strong.

the luck period from 2030 to 2040 also has 三会火局, thus PAP is likely to fare well during that luck period.

if it calls for election in 2020 庚子年,冲午运。It will continue to govern the country but majority will be slashed. That’s why credible opposition parties and candidates shouldn’t be despondent.

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Why is Lantrovision consolidating its share 5 to 1 when it is not required under SGX rule?

Disclaimer: I am vested in Lantrovision so opinion will be biased.

Lantrovision just announced that it is consolidating its shares 5 to 1 and cited the reason is to attract more interest in its share, presumably that a higher price will attract fund managers. SGX rule states that only shares under 20 cents on mainboard need to consolidate shares, but Lantrovision share is presently trading way above it around 40 cents and its cash- total liabilities value is about 20 cents, thus it is highly improbable that shares will drop below 20 cents unless it fritters away the cash.

If Lantrovision seriously want to attract fund manager interest, a better way is to deliver consistent, predictable dividend, preferably growing. It has just cut its dividend from 3 cents to 1.3 cents probably due to the worsening outlook ahead, that’s not the way to attract interest.

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Why is NSP going downhill?

Latest announcement of NSP entering into a three cornered contest in Macpherson SMC and with no chance of winning and possibly losing their election deposit (recall that WP did offer Macpherson SMC to NSP as exchange for Marine Parade GRC but NSP turned them down, they should have accepted the exchange then) and another resignation of their secretary general so near the election shows that NSP credentials as a party is being hit.

NSP is founded on 6th March 1987. Its incomplete bazi is
丁卯    癸卯    甲寅
strong wood daymaster, thus its unfavourable elements are wood and water. unfortunately, it is in water luck period 庚子运。Even worse, this year is 乙未年, more wood. Thus, their party luck has been poor and a series of unfortunate events has hit them.

Disclaimer: just a politics observer taking a neutral stance.

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Will Lawrence Wong be under pressure in 2016?

Lawrence Wong first three pillars of his bazi is 壬子    壬子    癸未, 行丙辰运, 明年丙申,形成申子辰三合水局。他八字忌水,人民协会财务管理问题正在发酵,人民协会归他的部门管理,theonlinecitizen点名他需为此问题负责。再加上他频频质疑阿裕尼市镇理事会财务管理,这回轮到他的部门“沦陷”,压力肯定不小。 2016 年选举年,朝野两党将围绕这问题展开攻防战。


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