Bukit Batok by-election -Who will win?

March 13, 2016 at 9:55 pm Leave a comment

Well, it’s too early to say since candidates standing for by-election in bukit batok are not announced yet. However, judging by Chee Soon Juan’s visit to Bukit Batok SMC this morning, it seems likely that he (or Prof. Tambyah) will run for SDP. Since i don’t have Prof. Tambyah’s birthday. I will just analyse Chee’s incomplete bazi.

壬寅    丁未    己未
大运:戊申  己酉  庚戌  辛亥  壬子  癸丑  甲寅  乙卯   
    7岁  17岁  27岁  37岁  47岁  57岁  67岁  77岁  
始于:1968  1978  1988  1998  2008  2018  2028  2038 

looks like a dry chart requiring water as 调侯。In 2012 壬辰, when water is available plus luck period 壬子, he was discharged from bankruptcy and allowed to compete in elections thereafter.But why, in luck period 辛亥 when there is also water, he did not do well and even went to jail? Don’t forget 寅亥合 and i presume wood(官杀) is not his favourable element. This year is 丙申, if by-election is called in month of 壬辰 forming a 三合水局, then luck is with him and he may do well against his opponent. As for whether he can enter parliament as MP, really hard to tell but there’s a chance as PAP don’t fare well in smc by election in recent years.


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Guoco Tower Singapore tallest building TOP(Temporary Occupation Permit) in mid-2016-property bubble bursting Bukit Batok by-election: Who will win (Part II)

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