Warren Buffett’s views

October 29, 2011 at 1:36 pm Leave a comment

Warren Buffett gave his views on the following issues which is worth bearing in mind.

The stock market: The market will be much higher 10 years from now, he said, but he can’t tell where it will be 10 months from now.

The dollar: It will be a worth a lot less 10 years from now — a good reason to buy stocks!

The housing market: “A lot of people paid too much for their houses!” he said. When you build 2 million houses a year and there are only 1 million new households being formed to live in them, you have an oversupply and prices drop. Buffett said he supports a plan to refinance underwater mortgages for those who have continued to pay on time.

Politics: Gerrymandering election districts to create “safe” seats has allowed extremists to be elected, making compromise tough.

Our children: Parenting is the most important job anyone has. We need to improve our public school system to create equal opportunities

China: They finally found a market system that allows them to unleash their potential. . . . Growth is not a zero-sum game. . . . Their growth will benefit us.

Greek debt: The banks holding Greek bonds accept a 50 percent haircut on the value, but will others accept that cut in value? He’s not sure the European debt crisis is solved.


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