US or Israel attacking Iran in 2012?

October 13, 2011 at 2:49 pm Leave a comment

US accused Iran of plotting an assassination of Saudi ambassador, Iran refutes the claim and charged that US is diverting attention from its faltering economy.

Iran and Saudi Arabia are at loggerheads in Middle East,but for Iran to attempt assassination in US is a bit far-fetched. what can they possibly gain from an assassination even if it succeeded? Is someone trying to stir things up between them?

Israel,we know has been trying hard to reduce the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran and has plans of attacking Iran to achieve that. However, US is unwilling to commit to the plan, without US support, Israel will find it harder to cope with the aftermath of an attack.

However,US is now in economic trouble and we know that war is a choice likely to be used by countries to divert attention and increase spending in order to revive economy. Therefore, it is likely that US may have second thoughts. But,they need an excuse, Iran refused further checks on its nuclear plants, so hard evidence of nuclear bomb making is hard to come by. But, they could always cook up a story like terror plot and trying to fix the blame on Iran and ratchet up tensions.

The world is entering a dangerous stage in 2012, with possibly more natural and man-made disasters, economic,political and social crisis. In the end, the problems will be solved but it is going to be painful. Brace yourself for a bearish market in 2012.


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