Mathematical Love Letter

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Qinghua university maths teacher wrote a love letter couched in mathematical terms. Guess his girlfriend must be a maths expert too else it will be damn hard to understand.

Our heart is a circle,
Because of its eccentricity is always zero.
I miss you is a circulator,
Over and over again, come to their senses.

We are the parabola, you are the focus, I was quasi-line,
How deep you want me, I read how you have really.
The zero vector can have a lot of direction, but only one length,
Like me, you can have many friends, but there is only one you have, it is worth me to guard.

Life can be sweet or it can be hard, but can not do without you, dry flat,
As the denominator, which can be positive, it can be negative, but can not be without meaning, value is zero.

With you, I am the world’s only infinity
Because any real number, they can not express to you my deep love.

I have feelings for you, just as the natural logarithm e for the end of the exponential function,
Derivation, no matter how much wind and rain, still do not change color, the truth forever.
What is ahead of us, whether a random variable, regardless of how much the variance of the future, I believe that after a trough, the wave crests will be far away?

Your life is my domain, your thinking is my corresponding rules,
Your smile pretty sure that I exist necessary and sufficient conditions for this.
If your heart is the x-axis, and that I was a sine function, Wai you turn, some for a release.

If my heart is x-axis, then you are opening up, Δ is negative parabola, always in my heart.
Every day I bring you surprise and hope,
Like an infinite set for every element, although the inexhaustible, yet each is different.

If we have one day live on both sides of the earth, Zhichitianya,
Then I will follow the great circle through the center of the earth come to your side, even if it is climbing.
If one day we face a straight line separating two different,
Then I will cross the barrier of time and space, to draw a vertical line to you, the public rushing for a moment do not want to stay.
But if one day, we are unfortunate enough to be thrown into the axis of God the two ends of positive and negative infinity, life and death-phase fault,

Does not matter, only require a countdown, we can Xinxin dependencies, always accompanied by.

What a mystery lover, and yet so wonderful,
Like mathematics, can be so popular, and yet is so profound.
Only by grasping the laws of 真题 examination outline,
God in order to knock Kai ivory tower, to meet the lover’s embrace


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