Straits times index historical tidbit

According to Motley fool article, the Straits times index’s ” best day ever in those 22 years(1992-2014) happened on 8 February 1995 when it rose an astonishing 36.95% according to S&P Capital IQ. What about the worst day for the index? That’s 9 February 1995 when it collapsed by 28.14%. “

It happens that such immense volatility happened in the month which saw Barings bank collapse due to a trader’s gambling gone awry. In the end, the year 1995 saw STI post a 2.7% loss. For long term investors, 9 February was certainly a day to buy stocks provided you have spare cash.
You won’t know when these type of events will occur, but be prepared psychologically and financially is worth it.

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Singapore Jubilee Baby Gift Package costs $7.476million

Noel Gifts International just announced a contract worth $7.476 million awarded by the National Population & Talent Division from Prime Minister’s Office for the supply,design and distribution of 2015 Singapore Jubilee Baby Gift Package. Recently, the gift package was revealed, consisting of 8 items.

Is the money well-spent? Each baby gets a gift package worth around $187 (assuming about 40,000 babies born in 2015).

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Are UMS Holdings insiders sales a concern?

UMS CEO and it major customer Applied Materials has been unloading their shares substantially.UMS shares has enjoyed a good run since its announcement of bonus shares, so naturally profit-taking to lower risk is expected especially when the company is so dependent on 1 customer and a highly cyclical industry.

Normally,i will take it as a red flag if insiders sell but in this case, semiconductor industry is still doing well and expected to do well for the rest of the year. Unless the insiders know something that isn’t reflected in the news, insider sales, in this case, is purely de-risking and not running ahead of bad news.

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Manufacturing Integration Technology-Rise from ashes?

Disclaimer:I am vested in this stock, so will be biased.

I went to Manufacturing Integration Technology AGM last Monday.

1)It explained its decision to postpone its move to Yishun Bizhub to 3 years later and meanwhile it will be collecting rentals on a gross yield of 6%.

2)The postponed solar equipment order will be delivered in July.The customer is Hanergy Solar, an upcoming thin film solar player whose CEO is 4th richest in china according to forbes china.

3)Noticed that Lim Chin Tong,its executive vice president is buying shares past few days.

4)Semiconductor backend equipment capital spending is increasing for this year, so is solar and LED equipment. This will boost sales provided that the company technology development is on par.

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Follow the Duke of Westminster

From businessweek “Grosvenor Group Ltd., one of the biggest central London property owners, reduced investment in luxury-housing development by 240 million pounds last year on concern that values are too high.

“We have been concerned about the level of property values in some markets, particularly in prime central London,” Chief Executive Officer Mark Preston. The company, owned by Duke of Westminster Gerald Grosvenor’s family trusts, is instead “exploring the mid-market, where there is unsatisfied demand for good-quality rental housing.”

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TSH corporation -leak of information?

TSH Corporation just released news that it is diversifying into property development in Australia, it is not advisable to do so when Australia property market is peaking. However, if you noticed its share price was rising for no reason during the past few days before the news was announced, yet SGX has done nothing to query the company for this rise.

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Addvalue finally adds value

Disclaimer: i am vested in this stock so will be biased.

Addvalue Technologies, a global developer and manufacturer of mobile satellite terminals is selling a subsidiary, Addvalue Communications for $330 million in cash to a chinese company.
Although the valuation seem to be rich, but for chinese company interested in high technology in satellite communication, price is not their concern. Thus, the question remains whether the deal will go through, particularly whether the supervisory authority of the chinese company will say “aye”.

There is a commission of 15 million to be paid to a broker who is also a shareholder of the company. According to the company announcement, Net asset value will be about 20 usd cents if the deal goes through.Shares are trading at a discount to this value.

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